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Hire with confidence. Understand how employees think, operate and perform. Engage and develop your people. Validate competency and achievement – all from one purpose-built system.

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Assessment: on your terms

Our flexible, intuitive and scalable platform makes it easy to assess the right people, at the most opportune time, against the criteria that matter most to your work.


Regardless of the size of your business, and whether you have your own content or need content creating on your behalf, we can help.

The Evolve Assess platform can be designed to deliver, seamlessly, a fully-branded, end-to-end assessment that puts you in closer contact with how staff or candidates are thinking, operating and performing.


Assessments can be delivered either from your website, email, or another internal system, allowing users to answer questions from practically anywhere at any time.

The service is fully managed, including updates and upgrades, with everything hosted and maintained at all times by our team.


With dashboard-based reporting, and top-down KPI metrics, you’ll have unrivalled access to key data that can improve performance, demonstrate competence or substantiate employability.

Learn who is succeeding, who needs support, and how users or candidates compare – as well as much more.

The platform has massive value. We are able to provide more meaningful feedback to our teams on their performance. We can extract meaningful insights related to staff satisfaction, culture and how the company is performing. Recommending Evolve is a no-brainer. The team have helped us in so many ways. Their ability to deliver bespoke solutions, tailor the platform and amend content to our needs sets Evolve Assess apart from other companies.

Nabila Walji - Head of TalentThe Collective