Staff Training – you’re not neglecting it?

Pretty much every day, I’m speaking to clients about how online assessment can support training and help engage users in learning – I always love to do this because there is a genuine desire from our clients – and us – to ensure that their staff base are as confident as they can be.

It got me to thinking, though, not all organisations are like that. Certain companies that I’ve worked for and with in the past, have taken a much more sporadic and ad hoc approach to training.

Training, of course, comes at an expense. Not all organisations have somebody in a full-time training role. Many SMEs will outsource their training requirements to consultants and to LMS and assessment organisations, such as Evolve Assess. Others, unfortunately, will do nothing.

The expenditure on staff training can be substantial, but it’s vital. Last year alone, 60% of organisations spent an average of £800 per learner on training – this prospect may seem daunting for many.

But what are the implications of not having a well-oiled machine? Low productivity, a dip in revenue and a dwindling retention of clients all spring to mind. is a great summary article of these implications.

I know that when I have worked in organisations that have had an ‘economical’ approach to training, I’ve struggled to keep a high morale.

Training, online assessment and learning interventions are all vital to keep your staff motivated, knowledgeable, and your customers happy!

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Staff Training – you’re not neglecting it?

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