360 Assessments – Do you use it?

I was approached around a year ago by a prospective client, who was looking for the facility to provide 360 assessments across the organisation. The clients’ business would be deemed as an SME, with circa 50 staff. They were very keen on being able to give all employees a chance to receive and give feedback as part of personal development reviews. This is exactly the type of business that we love speaking to – forward thinking and investors in staff training, attributes we at Evolve believe are essential in business.

The conversations ended up going down the route of 360 feedback. 360 feedback gives the opportunity for all staff to give and receive feedback based on performance (https://www.thebalance.com/360-degree-feedback-information-1917537).

Typically, although not exclusively, this is something that occurs once a year in business and it involves an employee taking a self-assessment and rating themselves against a list of given competencies. That employee’s colleagues will also rate the individual in question against those same competencies, and finally, the employee’s line manager will rate that individual. It all sounds very complicated in theory, but very simple in practice. The beauty of 360 is that it shows the whole picture of an employee’s performance.

We scoped out the ideal solution with this client, who had decided that they wanted anonymity amongst responders and objectivity was key. We devised a solution that allowed each responder to take this assessment on their mobile phones, with anonymous feedback – providing the Senior Leadership team with a bespoke spider diagram reporting seeing the whole picture in this feedback.

The first round of 360 was a huge success, acting as a powerful TNA for all staff and helped to underpin future appraisals and company values.

To speak to Evolve Assess about how 360 feedback assessment can be used by your organisation, get in touch on 0330 0535023 or admin@evolveassess.com

360 Assessments – Do you use it?

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