Organisational Values – All Sorted?

I’ve seen a big focus over the past 3 or 4 years, particularly across growing SMEs in organisational values. These values are seen to ensure that all staff are representing and aligning to these in their day-to-day duties. I’ve seen all different types of values, from “be fun”, “calm but creative” and the “customer’s best friend”.

Whatever your organisational values and cultures are, one thing is for sure – all organisations see regard this with huge strategic importance and as such, wish to ensure that every member of staff on payroll is reflecting these values – and just as importantly, future staff!

How do you ensure that your new recruits are representing the key values that your organisation is looking for? The best way is to incorporate a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) built in line with these organisational values.

SJTs aim to predict a person’s likely values-based fit to a role, and present candidates with scenario-based questions that are governed by your organisational values. The questions are made up with a scenario, or problem and ask a candidate to respond with how they would ‘most likely’ act given that situation, and how they would ‘least likely’ act.

In addition to being preferred by applicants and eliminating adverse impacts, they’re as predictive as personality profiling and more predictive than competency-based interviews and will ensure that your future staff are representing the key organisational values that you hold so highly. If anybody would like to speak to me about how SJTs can help with your recruitment, please let me know!

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Organisational Values – All Sorted?

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