A Best-of-Breed Approach

For any of our existing of prospective clients who have had in-depth discussions about our bespoke content offerings, you may have come across our partners, Sten10.

Sten10 are experts in people assessment, and work alongside clients to create bespoke assessments in line with specific customised content requirements. They have a team of Chartered Occupational Psychologists who will make recommendations to clients based on their ideal solution from a content standpoint.

Evolve Assess and Sten10 work in very close partnership with one another, delivering the best-of-breed in assessment design and online delivery.

If you’re looking for bespoke assessments created from scratch, whether that’s ability tests, Situational Judgement Tests, Personality Profiling or Aptitude Tests – and this delivered in the most dynamic online assessment engine there is, speak to the experts at Evolve Assess and Sten10. Even if you’re unsure on exact requirements, we would be very happy to organise a free consultation at a time that suits you – get in touch!

To speak with Evolve Assess about how a combination of Evolve Assess and our partners, Sten10 can put together the perfect solution for you, get in touch at info@evolveassess.com

A Best-of-Breed Approach

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