A More Bespoke Solution, Perhaps?

We’ve talked before in these blogs about selling a product vs selling a solution, and one of the great benefits of working in the software industry is that you become very accustomed to selling solutions, rather than products.

That’s not to say we don’t sell a product – to all intents and purposes, we do. Our product is our core technology platform, and you could say that some of the off-the-shelf tests that we sell are also a ‘product’.

However, from time to time, we get a request from a client that is very unique, and as such our out-the-box technology may not cover that requirement, but it always involves online assessment; we’re always very keen to have these discussions.

For example, we had a client recently that wanted to build the facility for them to take payments online in advance of presenting their clients with an online learning course and assessment. If we were in the business of ‘selling a product’, we would have had to say, ‘thanks but no thanks’. The client knew that this was a unique requirement and was fully aware that their ideal end-to-end solution wouldn’t have been able to be built by anybody, out the box.

Fortunately, because we’re in software and have a huge amount of experience in dealing with bespoke requirements, our Business Analysts and Project Managers scoped this end-to-end solution with the client and we were able to go back to them with a proposal fully customised solution, incorporating our dynamic online assessment engine – and the project has been a huge success.

So, if you’re ever thinking your online assessment requirements are too unique – remember there’s no such thing; speak to the experts! Thanks for reading!

To speak with Evolve Assess about any of your unique online assessment requirements, contact us on 0330 053 5023, or email us: admin@evolveassess.com

A More Bespoke Solution, Perhaps?

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