With Evolve as the assessment engine, awarding bodies can deliver online tests and examinations while maintaining traditional testing conditions.

By creating highly stable and secure conditions, your tests and examinations will be delivered as robustly as they would be in any exam hall with the added benefit of significant cost savings for test centres, days out of the work place, and time spent delivering and marking examinations.

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You’re in full control over the content of your tests, how they are taken, and what constitutes the success, or otherwise, of your learners.

Determine the content and criteria, set time limits, securely lock down the browser, prevent access to software and the internet, and specify access rules.


With your tests designed to run on almost any device via the Evolve Assess platform, learners access their accreditation assessment via a secure browser. Once the assessment is complete, test takers can be notified of the outcome.

Issue certifications instantly, or at a time and date of your choosing.


Interrogate data at the test, assessment centre or institution level via the Evolve analysis centre.

Understand how questions, sections and whole tests are performing, analyse outcomes at the cohort level or drill down to personalised reports.