Adverse Impact Studies – Situational Judgement Tests

Adverse impact refers to “employment practices that appear neutral but have a discriminatory effect on a protected group” as is explained in the following article (

It’s such an important thing, in business, to ensure that your recruitment practices are deemed fair and ethical. It’s not only responsible, but you want to ensure you’re getting the very best candidates through the door for interview. Assessment can hugely support this.

As you know, at Evolve Assess we’re huge fans of Situational Judgement Tests, another advantage of SJTs are that they’re a great way to make sure your assessments are as fair as they can be. Firstly, in SJTs in general, score differences between racial subgroups are smaller than those for cognitive ability tests, especially is SJTs that measure non-cognitive aspects of job performance.

Rest assured, Evolve Assess always ensures that assessments that go-live for its clients are as fair as they can be.

For every bespoke SJT we build and deliver for our clients, we will always pilot this internally with different groups of people, to ensure that there is no bias within any of the questions, and then amend accordingly – this way our clients know that they are getting the fairest online assessment there is!

To find out extra information about SJTs look at our website or to speak with Evolve Assess about how SJTs can be used within your recruitment or staff development – get in touch.

Adverse Impact Studies – Situational Judgement Tests

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