Assessment Certification

Here at Evolve Assess HQ, we’re constantly ensuring that the platform is the very best it can be, and we have regular updates and releases to the platform.

I get all types of requests from clients and prospective clients about how they might be able to tweak, integrate and customise the platform to their unique requirements – some requirements are more unique than others, I have to say!

We’ve built the most dynamic online assessment engine there is, which is extremely flexible and customisable to our clients. Bespoke reporting, portals and unique question types are often requests that we’ll receive from our clients – to which we’ll scope out, build and deliver.

One of the requirements that we’ve received fairly recently from one of our clients, was the ability to provide certificates to users upon successful completion of an online assessment. Because we had seen this request a few times previously, we decided to build this feature to release platform-wide, so all clients are able to use this now.

The reason this client wanted to present their users with certificates, was that it was something tangible to place in their personal development plans and to show that they had the required knowledge in that area.

Who doesn’t like certificates? We all like receiving ‘rewards’ for our success and Evolve Assess now has this feature to give to all of our clients. The certificates will be fully designed and branded for our clients, and we can pull any information to be presented on these certificates – whether that’s the date completed, the course the online assessment was submitted to, or a manager’s signature.

We love this feature, and we’d love to show you!

To find out more about our certification feature, he can be contacted via or contact us on 0330 053 5023.

Assessment Certification

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