Assessment For Learning – No Stigma There

We often hear the term stigma being bandied about when it comes to any type of assessment. Exams and tests were things that many dreaded in our school days, and for some, that panic hasn’t subsided as they’ve reached adulthood. We all-too-often feel like we’re being judged – and it all boils down to that fear we had as children, that exams and assessments were the be all and end all.

Sure, exams sometimes meant getting into a certain school, or landing a certain job – but we don’t see them used in that way as often as we used to.

We’re very much of the opinion that assessments should be used for learning. It’s so important that we can take the results of an assessment and use them to our advantage in future.

By ensuring that formative and summative assessments are both used as part of the learning process, it stands to reason that learners will be more knowledgeable in the long term.

Although we’ve already established the importance of training: why waste time, money and resources on sending staff to the wrong training? Are those staff really going to be engaged when being trained in something they have a large amount of competence in – use a formative, or diagnostic assessment to find out first!

Using Evolve Assess’ personalised learning feedback, we highlight the areas of strength and weakness of a learner, and point them to areas where they can increase their knowledge, and improve. This might be enrolling them on a course, or linking them to an LMS training module; the possibilities are endless.

Once the appropriate training has been given – sit another assessment to see how much that learner’s knowledge has increased!

Assessment doesn’t have to be daunting. Assessment for learning can only be a good thing. Thanks for reading!

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Assessment For Learning – No Stigma There

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