Fully customisable 180 and 360 assessments

Whether you’re interested in 180 assessments, or you’re looking to engage employees and their peers to provide well-rounded feedback via 360 assessment, the Evolve Assess platform provides a simple, effective and scalable solution for empowering staff to improve their own performance.

With total flexibility over question content and granular control over campaigns, Evolve Assess fits seamlessly into your organisation’s existing frameworks and processes to help drive employee development.

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Custom 180 and 360 assessments can be rapidly created, configured then deployed. Use your own questions, adapt the rating scale and easily configure peer selection.
Even if you don’t have an existing framework, we can help you get up and running with pre-built templates, specialist consultancy and dedicated support.


Schedule single or recurring campaigns with the click of a button. Manage rater selection, nudge individuals to take action, and monitor progress from the dashboard.
Evolve handles invitations, notifications and reminders so that your campaigns remain on course to deliver positive outcomes for the business and its employees.


Clear reports enable employees better to understand their strengths, identify areas for improvement and take meaningful action as part of their own development.
Evolve’s Analysis Centre helps business leaders uncover trends whilst supporting line managers in thinking about and improving the performance of individuals or wider teams.