Customer Service – Make Sure You’re Doing It!

It’s always been in-built in us, as workers, to ensure that the customer is always right, and the customer is always first. Neglecting Customer Service and Account Management are hugely detrimental to businesses – and I’m sure we’ve all said at some point “I’m never going there again” because we’ve experienced poor customer service. Nobody ever wants to be “that company”.

Customer service is pivotal to the success of any organisation ( We’re very fortunate in that we have always treat customer service as one of our KPIs and values here at Evolve Assess, and our clients share the same values.

We’re often approached by our clients and prospective clients asking if we have an assessment that tests customer service skills – and the answer is very simple: yes. We can deem how customer-orientated an employee or prospective employee is by providing them with a customer-focused situational judgement test – that’s the only real way you’re going to clearly define whether somebody has great customer service skills!

For example:

“It is extremely busy at work today and all your colleagues are on the phone or with a customer. You are talking to a customer who is pressing you for the exact price of a product. You don’t know and everyone is on a call. The customer is putting you under pressure to give them an answer.”

Please select the actions you are Most Likely and Least Likely to take from the following 3 options by placing an ‘X’ in the appropriate box. 

We then present the user with three options.

This is a fantastic way of finding out if your staff, or prospective staff, have the customer-service skills required to emulate your organisation values. I’d be very happy to talk this through with you!

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Customer Service – Make Sure You’re Doing It!

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