Mobile Learning

Nowadays, it’s not just a ‘nice to have’ for suppliers to be able to provide their products and solutions via mobile phones and tablets – it’s essential.

For forward-thinking organisations, who have had this feature for the past few years, it was always great for sales reps to be able to throw about buzzwords like ‘mobile compatibility’ or ‘device agnostic’, but as we move into 2018, we are seeing so many people using technology on anything other than desktop PCs!

Take last month, for example. Naturally, as a techie, I like stats and I like knowing things like how our users accessed our system, and last month we had 38% of our users accessed out platform via their mobile devices. Now bear in mind, we’re an online assessment platform that’s predominantly used within business for purposes of learning – it just goes to show how much of a shift there’s been in users accessing learning on their mobiles vs their PCs compared to a decade ago!

Even as I write this blog, I’m doing it on my mobile, as I’m sat on a train and it’s easier to do! We have the technology at our disposal – it’s a one-stop shop for everything I need, so I (and others) have an expectation that we can get everything we need on mobile phones.

That’s why we, at Evolve Assess, have viewed this of utmost importance. We have always had a mobile-compatible test environment and analysis centre, but we believe we have built the most dynamic and responsive online assessment platform there is – and for our clients who use it as such, will know exactly what I mean.

To try out how our solution works in a mobile arena – get in touch with us and one of our sales team will very happily organise a 30-day free trial of the system to see it for yourself!

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Mobile Learning

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