Paper trails – what a load of clutter!

Throughout the technology revolution, it’s often been assumed that paper is obsolete in the modern workplace – everything moving online… The Cloud… saas – there’s not a need for paper, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Take a look at this article in Key Digital ( which estimates that usage of paper is increasing at around 25% per year! Why is this, despite all the technology we have at our disposal?

I guess it boils down to two main things:

  • People are in the ‘habit’ of using paper and it’s something they’ve done for years
  • People see it as being ‘easier’ to use paper

Don’t get me wrong – I often use paper when I’m taking notes in a meeting, but all of the notes I take are very quickly transferred to our Cloud-based CRM.

I was once in a sales meeting with a potential client, who couldn’t lend me a pen (after mine had embarrassingly broken) because they were a “digital organisation” and therefore didn’t use pens (or paper!) I thought that was a bit over the top, but I had to pay them my respect nonetheless!

The trouble with paper, and especially paper trails with important documents, is that it can very easily be damaged or lost. I had another client I spoke to within the past year or so, who had all of their employee feedback questionnaires on paper, and had lost around 20 of them and were desperately looking for a means to transfer this online (hence our discussions). Imagine how much time was wasted, money spent and key management information missed – all because these questionnaires were being done on paper!

Let’s be honest – paper still serves a purpose, but these days it should only be a necessity or, at best, an addition in the modern workplace. Never leave it to chance: move your clutter of a paper trail to an online audit trail today – we’ll do all of the leg work for you. I promise, you won’t regret it!

To speak with Evolve Assess about moving your paper trail to an online audit trail – get in touch today.

Paper trails – what a load of clutter!

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