Online recruitment assessment for the healthcare sector

The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA) is operated by Maximus and is responsible for recruiting and training healthcare professionals.

The Challenge:

CHDA needed an additional stage in the process for recruiting clinical assessor staff, which often entail challenging and complex roles.

CHDA wanted to provide candidates with real-life scenarios of key responsibilities in the roles to provide them with a better understanding of what they were applying for. The team wanted to retain successful candidates by providing better transparency into the difficulties and challenges they could face if they were successful.

The recruitment team also needed to be confident in knowing that the select number of candidates that were brought forward for a formal interview from high volumes of applications were the most suitable for the role in order to make the process quicker and more efficient.

When undertaken manually, this process proved to be highly time-consuming and incredibly laborious. It also relied on human judgement to assess whether applicants were suitable for an interview – and on a large scale, this was not effective.

The Solution:

Evolve partnered up with some of the UK’s top Occupational Psychologists to develop an online situational judgement test (SJT) which would be used to support the recruitment team. This highlighted candidates who demonstrated the best fit for the variety of clinical assessor roles advertised.

SJTs are a type of psychological assessment that asks candidates questions around realistic job scenarios that they could be faced with if they are successful in securing the role. The results from these assessments are then made available to the recruitment team at CHDA who could then make better-informed decisions around the best candidates to invite to an interview.

Evolve and the team of Occupational Psychologists worked closely with CHDA to build a custom SJT that was entirely tailored to its needs. The test included niche questions and examples that were provided by the client and was built on an intuitive and easy-to-use online platform built by Evolve.

The Impact:

The impact was simple. A streamlined, online process for recruitment that easily allowed the team at CHDA to identify candidates that they wanted to advance to an interview with reduced time and resources.

As well as identifying the best candidates, the platform gave candidates a clearer understanding of the role they were applying for and empowered them by giving them the ability to see early on in the process if the role was really suitable for them.

CHDA is now also able to undertake validity studies, which track and monitor correlations and patterns between those candidates who are successful at the SJT and who then go on to excel in the role and the business. The results from these can then build the ideal candidate profile for future recruitment drives.

The mutually beneficial advantages of this SJT project between recruitment team and applicants have transformed the recruitment process for CHDA. SJTs are fast-becoming a popular choice for recruiters in a range of different sectors – specifically those with high volumes of candidates or roles that require additional screening stages to find the best people for the job.

What the client said:

“The custom SJT we now have helps to guide us on a candidate’s suitability based on the answers that are provided within the assessment and, as recruiters, it has made our lives so much easier.”

“If we did not have the SJT in place, we would have had to undertake a highly manual task to find out whether the candidate would be right for the job. It offers us a reliable fail-safe to make sure that we are only taking on candidates who we are truly confident in.”

“The return on investment that we received from this service was significant and the account management from Evolve Assess was excellent.”