Recruitment Agencies – Do you put forward your best candidates?

Over the years, I’ve worked with so many recruitment agencies, I wouldn’t like to count. We have already discussed the pleasures and pains involved in recruitment previously. But whether that’s been for a job I’ve applied for, or if they’ve worked alongside us providing the best candidates possible for a role, I always find each one I come across very different to the next.

What I’ve found is that the skills needed for recruitment and sales are very similar. In sales, you’re often selling a product, service and solution – in recruitment, you’re selling people!

When you’re in sales, you also pre-qualify everything and ensure that your product fits the prospect’s requirements, or if not, you make sure that you don’t go in there and try and sell that product, or change the product to a different one in your repertoire, and so on.

The point I’m making in all of this, is that often – in my experience – certain (and this is a minority) of recruitment agencies will put people forward for interviews with their clients, when they have no chance of getting the job. This is as pointless for the recruitment agent as it is for the poor candidate. Why have they done this? LinkedIn recommendations? Previous job titles? Surely that candidate should have been thoroughly checked out by the recruiter first, in advance of submitting their application to their client; surely it’s the best way to a sale?

We have a whole host of assessment solutions that can support recruitment agencies in making sure the right candidate is being forwarded to the right role – whether that’s on skills or abilities. We have a full range of ability assessments and off-the-shelf and bespoke Situational Judgement Tests to make sure that your candidates have the ability, skills and knowledge that you need, to win you long-term relationships with clients.

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Recruitment Agencies – Do you put forward your best candidates?

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