Assessment for Recruitment

Put the values, preferences, behaviours, knowledge and skills of candidates at your finger tips so you can make informed, reliable hiring decisions.

You may already have content ready to go, or you may require a completely bespoke assessment to be created from the ground up. Whatever the specific qualities, characteristics or unique mix of abilities required, we can help. Our network of Chartered Occupational Psychologists is on hand, and the Evolve Assess platform is always at the ready.

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Rapidly implement a range of assessments highly predictive of role suitability, ‘fit’ and likely workplace performance, including:

Situational Judgement Tests to understand how candidates respond to highly realistic work-based situations and challenges; Self reports that focus on values and culture; and Traditional measures of ability such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning.


Easily launch and track recruitment campaigns regardless of whether you have a single vacancy or you’re managing multiple hiring campaigns at scale across several locations.

Whatever your hiring ambitions, the Evolve Assess platform provides an engaging and highly relevant test-taking experience which puts your candidates, the role and your employer brand front and centre.


Our suite of clear, at-a-glance reports makes it easy to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and to take appropriate action.

Easily put a candidate’s scores into the wider context of the applicant pool, or quickly identify and progress top performers on to interview. Drill down to explore and uncover invaluable insights that support your hiring decisions.