Situational Judgement Tests


A test comprising of a series of job-relevant situations. For each situation, test-takers need to decide how to respond from a list of alternatives.

Why use an SJT?

The use of SJT’s has risen dramatically over the past five years. Why?...

  • 0.34

    Correlation with Job Performance

    They predict future behaviour(beyond ability & personality tests)

  • 70%

    of clients replace interviews or other tests with an SJT

    Saving money, complexity & time

  • 2-Way Process

    People enjoy taking them and can judge goodness of fit to the role

  • 2x Fairer

    Less likely to discriminate based on ethnicity than ability tests

Research shows applicants prefer selection methods they see as job-related

therefore SJT’s will enhance the way your assessment process is perceived.

Design Process

  • Step 1.

    Gather Evidence to write scenarios

  • Step 2.

    Design & Trial to see how well it works

  • Step 3.

    Finalise, make amendments and determine cut-off point for selection process

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No time of budget for bespoke?

We have off-the-shelf options too. Written according to 12 off-the-shelf universal competencies, you choose which areas you would like to measure. These more generic SJT questions can be used as-is, or we can help you perform a brief validation process to prove their relevance.

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