The Cloud – Why and What it’s all About

‘The Cloud’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ are big buzzwords that are seemingly ‘cool’ terms in business that more and more people are hearing about, and making the effort to learn about.

Essentially, The Cloud is a network of servers, helping to reduce paper usage and track information. The following ‘mashable’ article, explains this really well: (

This network of servers is hosted externally, more often than not, by a third-party organisation. The benefits for businesses moving to the Cloud are endless – they can outsource to an IT service provider who looks after this process for them. Less time, money and resource are spent on huge servers to be stored in air-conditioned units on-site – and the amount of updates you’ll get in The Cloud is far more regular and less time-consuming than doing this in-house.

Software-as-a-service (saas) models, which you;’ll no doubt have come across with your suppliers (Evolve Assess is one of them) – more often than not – operate in The Cloud, allowing you to upload, download from any device, anywhere you are.

Evolve Assess works on a saas model which is securely hosted within the Microsoft Azure Cloud service, with data centres in the UK, allowing regular backups and security and no extra cost to our clients. Cloud computing is here to stay, and Evolve Assess are huge advocates!

To speak with Evolve Assess about infrastructure or the technical aspect of our software, get in touch on 0330 0535023 or

The Cloud – Why and What it’s all About

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