The Consultative Sell – A Reflection

I wrote a blog a little while back about a guy who had come in to Evolve Assess HQ to sell a solution. For any regular readers, you’ll remember how impressed I was with this approach, and it got me to thinking about sales being an art of a science – and how can we emulate in future sales reps, the qualities that that guy had.

Firstly, there’s been a tonne of articles about sales being an art or a science and I’ve been to many sales training courses where this topic has been covered. The general consensus is that it’s a mixture of both.

One thing is for certain though, in order to get the very best sales people, like the chap in question, you need to have the natural ability, but you also need to be trained to know exactly how best to do it.

One thing that struck out for me with this salesman, is that he was very competent, as well as very competent, two qualities we’ve identified the importance of previously, but it was also very evident that he had been trained in the right ways.

How does this tie in to Evolve Assess? Well, we have the facility to give our clients a mixture of assessment technology and content, to ensure that you’re recruiting and developing the very best sales people within your organisation.

Let’s start with a personality profile: ensuring you have a natural personality fit for sales roles based on an individual’s inherent personality traits.

Additionally, a Situational Judgement Test, which provides scenario-based questions to applicants, based around values and competencies, which assesses how much of a behavioural fit somebody will be to a role.

These two assessments should support you uncovering the artistic flair of an individual and covers the ‘art’ side of selling.

For ‘science’ – we have the facility to provide you with the technology post-training to ascertain levels of knowledge retention – and even 360 feedback to ensure your sales team is taking on board the constructive feedback they’re receiving.

Undoubtedly, selling is a mixture of art and science and Evolve Assess has you covered on all fronts!

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The Consultative Sell – A Reflection

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