The Consultative Sell

This is slightly off-topic for an online assessment organisation, but I was keen to scribe a recent experience that I had had with a salesman, who recently came into Evolve HQ to pitch something. I was so impressed with his approach that I wanted to share with you what I think he did really well.

Whenever we have a requirement as a business, I do my level best to ensure that we have thoroughly researched all the various products and services we can, and only then I’ll invite people to ‘pitch’ to us.

The chap in question sent me a prospective email, clearly targeted to our business; it was clear he had done his research and knew much about who we were, what we did and how they may be able to support. Fortune favoured the brave, as it was the exact type of solution that Evolve Assess was looking for.

I replied to his email and instead (as I had feared) of giving me the hard sell and organising a demo straight away, he suggested we have an introductory call in which he could find out more about us and see if we there was a business fit. The call went really well, and he asked some very probing and thought-provoking questions. The whole time, I thought this was more about us, than it was him. After the call, we had pencilled in a date for him and one of his technical colleagues to come and visit us in the sunny North East.

The meeting was great – the guys spent two hours with us on the morning, scoping out the ideal solution for us, and always questioning why we were looking to do this a certain way, and making recommendations about how we might do it better, or more cost-efficient. We went for lunch and agreed that we would have a third and final meeting, where they would pitch us the ideal product from our previous scoping decisions.

The pitch went fantastically well, the SLT at Evolve Assess were really bought in and we moved forward with the deal – and we’ve had a really good working relationship since.

It just goes to show, with much negativity surrounding ‘being sold to’ – I never found it once with this fella – throughout the whole process he listened, he made notes and recommendations; the whole time, I felt it was about us – not him. Hats off! I want to ensure our sales people treat their prospects in the same way!

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The Consultative Sell

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