The Platform


Evolve Assess allows for a fully-branded end-to-end assessment experience. As far as the end user is concerned, we are merely the engine operating the assessments, as our internal design team ensure that the interface visually aligns with your website and/or internal system.


Our intuitive, user-friendly platform provides a variety of features for you to get the most out of your online assessments.

These features include question types such as multiple choice and free text, the ability to incorporate sections to differentiate between modules/topics, as well as ascending and descending timing options.

Users can then access the assessments using a unique URL, which can be easily navigated through on desktop, tablet or mobile devices anywhere in the world.


The real power of online assessments lies within the reporting and management information that is provided from the results. Our unique Analysis Centre provides comprehensive data which is key to identifying a user’s ability to get that new job, win a promotion or demonstrate competence in a particular discipline.

This data is also vital for managers and trainers, as it enables them to provide personalised learning recommendations specifically focused on an individual’s required areas for improvement.

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