Training – bothered?

Intentional caveat before I begin: what I’m about to say, is only what I have found in my experience working as a consultant within numerous private-sector companies.

I have found – unless you’re in the ‘blue-chip’, or ‘uber-corporate’ bracket, with much more stringent processes and red-tape to circumvent, then staff training and development often becomes something that is lost along with staff induction plans and on-boarding programmes that – these days – would seem as expected as a staff handbook! Alas, I haven’t found that to be the case, at all.

The reason I say this is because, many of the companies I have worked for that fall into the SME bracket, haven’t taken it upon themselves to do any form of staff training. That is not to sound negative about said companies – far from it; I have been lucky enough to work for some extremely ambitious and successful companies, for which I felt very valued and fortunate to be part of the team.

However, companies I have worked for that fall into that space, are certainly not alone in their 2016, corporate nonconformist approach to staff development. Often, there is a weight of expectation on staff to pick it up as they go, to ask the relevant and appropriate questions, or to figure it out for themselves. In my opinion, this can often lead to a low morale among staff as well as higher attrition rates, and ultimately, poorer performance.

Now, let’s ask ourselves the question: why is it, that companies don’t train their staff. For me, this article from Bloomberg goes a long way to answer most of the questions

In truth, this can be summarised from the second paragraph: “training is expensive”. Is it? Well, let’s be frank – training costs money. Hiring in consultants to deliver appropriate training in relevant areas is certainly a short-term overhead, and a longer one is hiring permanent T&D staff. Let me ask this simple question: how high are the costs of attrition? National insurance, recruitment fees, over and over again until you can find the right member of staff to fill a role, and once filled – ensuring that they have the relevant skills to effectively perform without having a detrimental effect on your business. Weigh up the pros and cons and to me – training is a no brainer. It makes staff feel valued, increases morale, and in the long run, saves companies time and money on bad hires.

If training and development aren’t as high on your agenda, and you’d like them to be – go for the full package: assess – it’s the only way you will have an instant record of staff skills gaps, knowledge and how to drive your company forward.

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Training – bothered?

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