What Do Your Customers Really Think?


As you know, at Evolve Assess we pride ourselves on how we treat our customers, we’re all in business to ensure that we make more customers and really look after our current customers. Whether you’re selling a professional service, a product or a solution, without customers and clients, we would all be nothing.

Customer retention, repeat business and overall satisfaction are pivotal to each and every business, and after all – customers are 10 times more likely to tell people if they’ve had a bad experience than a good one; that’s how essential it is to ensure your customers are happy.

I’m sure everyone who is anyone knows this already – but with customer feedback becoming ever more ubiquitous via sites like TripAdvisor, eBay and Glassdoor, it’s becoming increasingly easier for customers to leave bad reviews – that’s why, in the digital age, we need to do all that we can in order to ensure our customers have a great experience.

How often do you ask your customers for feedback? I would suggest in most businesses, this is something that is often – for whatever reason – overlooked. Case studies, testimonials and reference sites and very important for most businesses – but what if you had twice as many, or ten times as many?

That’s why we’ve created the facility for our own clients to survey their clients around the experience that they have had.

Customer satisfaction is a KPI for most organisations – so why not find out? Provide your clients the facility to complete an online survey with questions and feedback boxes to ensure you’re seeing the full story. If you have any issues with clients, you will know straight away and have a chance to rectify. But I guarantee if you incorporate online surveys and assessment, you’ll get so many more reference sites and case studies!

To speak with Evolve Assess about how you could use online surveys for your clients, we can be contacted via info@evolveassess.com 

What Do Your Customers Really Think?

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